1.    How do I join Portsmouth Yacht Club

        Membership is by invitation and you need two current members who have held membership at PYC for more than 2 years to sponsor you as a member.  Once sponsored you must attend at least two different regularly scheduled PYC events and volunteer for one event, submit an application,   and attend an interview with your sponsors and the Membership Committee.   Once these requirements are completed you will be placed on a waiting list, based on the date your application was submitted,   to await the next membership opening.   PYC is limited to 250 members and typically turns over about 10-15 members per  year.  For more information click Here.

2.   If I join Portsmouth Yacht Club, do I get a slip or mooring

        While we do have slips and moorings, they are not a part of the base membership fee.  As they become available, the slips and moorings are assigned by a wait list. There is an extra fee attached to a slip or mooring.  The availability  happens relatively infrequently and members with boats are expected to make their own arrangements with the local Harbormasters or marinas.

3.  How do I get a slip / mooring in Portsmouth Harbor

        There are two governmental agencies who regulate moorings in Portsmouth Harbor.  The Kittery Port authority regulates moorings on the Kittery Maine side of the harbor, and the Pease Development Authority  regulates the moorings on the Portsmouth NH side of the harbor.  Each maintains a waiting list for moorings, which can be many (more than 10) years long.  In addition there are commercial establishments which rent seasonal moorings or slips.  These include the Wentworth Marina,  Kittery Point Yacht YardBadgers Island Marina , Witch Cove Marina and Great Bay Marine among others.

4.  Can I rent the club for my …

        The Club is available to Members for a Private Function on Mondays throughout the season, and on Thursdays except in July and August.

For more information contact the Vice Commodore for availability.

6.  How do I get a summer  job at Portsmouth Yacht Club.

        We have a limited number of summer jobs available. We give preference to candidates who possess a US Coast Guard launch license or above. If interested in working for Portsmouth Yacht Club please contact the Steward.

7.  Can I reserve a mooring at Portsmouth Yacht Club.

        Yes, please contact the club either  by emailing the Steward or calling the club at 603- 436-9877.

8.  Are your moorings at the Isles of Shoals for rent.

        Sorry, but no, the IOS moorings are private and for PYC members only and are marked as such.  We would appreciate if members do NOT raft up more than 2 boats on a mooring. PYC is not responsible for the unauthorized use of their moorings and you use the mooring at your own risk.

9.  Can you give me directions for sailing in the Solent

       We think you’re looking for a club in Portsmouth England. We are located in Portsmouth New Hampshire USA.  Click here for Sailing clubs in Portsmouth England