2018 Social Committee Survey

PYC Social Committee Survey Results – DECEMBER 2, 2018

Q1  Should members be charged a social fee?

Yes, and the amount of the social fee should be credited in the amount of the expense of Club sponsored events attended during the season.



Yes, in place of an increase in annual dues.



Yes, to cover operational expenses of the bar and kitchen that most members use even if they do not attend events.  



No, the event price should be set to cover the costs.



No, annual dues should cover social event deficits.






  • Annual dues should not cover social event deficits. Social events are elective and should be self maintaining where as kitchen, bar, gas grills are part of the annual dues for every member to use. 
  • The dues increase was voted down / This appears another way to increase the dues when a dues increase was voted down.
  • I also agree with the other Yes’s above, which are not mutually exclusive to the Yes I checked. This is a food & beverage commitment that can be defrayed by attending dinners etc that can also help meet the bar and kitchen expenses.
  • I think a minimum social fee is a good idea. Credit it to those who attend events and have those who do not at least contribute to the cost of operating the bar
  • I don’t really understand the first option.
  • Possibly be open to hosting regional regattas working with PSA, possible get together, pot lucks after racing Tuesday’s and Thursdays in addition to Wednesday night dinners
  • I was under the impression social events were paid as they occurred
  • Only if there is an uncomplicated way to manage it, if not set it to cover cost
  • My answer would be yes if the fee covered any expense at the club above dues and other seasonal fees. The fee could be used on fuel, apparel, ice etc.
  • Initiation fee should be raised SUBSTANTIALLY. When are club members going to get on board with this? Look at other clubs, some not as desirable as ours!
  • What do our dues cover now?
  • Though some events might lose money, other events make money. In total, Social Events income should cover Social Events expenses.
  • Not enough choices, no quantification
  • Dues should cover operating expenses
  • This is a yacht club, not a dinner club. Social event fees need to cover the cost of each event.

Q 2   Overall, full service catered events have run a deficit at current pricing of  $25 – $60 pp. with food and service cost increases.  Are you willing to pay more to have catered events?

Yes, food and service costs are increasing and PYC has the facility to support catered events.



Yes, but only if the costs stay in this range.



Yes, but only if the cost stay under $75.00 pp.



No, catered events are not worth the money.



No, I’m willing to help with supplemental appetizers, desserts, etc. to reduce the costs of these meals.



No, catered meals are not worth this cost.




Showing 16 responses

  • ALL events should be self funding
  • Do not attend.
  • We don’t mind spending money for catered dinners as long as the food is good. 
  • It will be more expensive for members to attend. You have already priced out families and I think that is why I and 1 other family bring our daughter to the events. I can eat downtown for less than going to the club.
  • However, the cost per person can be kept under control by foregoing the steak and swordfish menus and focusing on pasta, mexican, BBQ, asian. etc meals that are easier to cater and serve in quantity and yet are still enjoyable. Certainly, to the extent members are willing to provide appetizers or desert or even side dishes, ie beans when serving BBQ chicken, the cost of the catering could be reasonable.
  •  This is for Wed. dinners not for special like Opening Dinner Dance.
  • The total price point will determine how many attend. Keep the cost/price reasonable. But no need to subsidize. Try new players who want a catering audience and would be willing to cut us a good deal. 
  • If we limit catered meals to no more than once a month unless they are sponsored sailing events
  • No social events need to be paid as attended
  • also like idea of helping, when feasible, with apps and desert as we have this past yr
  • Pay more for the meal if necessary and do member supplied supplemental
  • Unfortunately a number of meals were not worth the cost. Very disappointed with a few but I can only use the excuse of it’s worth being with friends for only so long. 
  • I really have options that my dietary restrictions support
  • Times are changing we may want to look at accepting credit cards. $ is typically not an issue if then can put it on plastic.

Q3     Heard around the Club… please check the statements with which you agree. All opinions welcome in the comments box.



Formal dinner dances are a thing of the past and should be removed from the social calendar.



One formal dinner dance is enough. (please note preference in comment box)



Pot Luck food is the very best! Please keep them on the calendar.



I avoid pot lucks, please consider an alternative.



Wednesday Night Dinners are not convenient for my family/work/life schedule. I would prefer more events on Friday or Saturday evening.



The Club rental fee of $250. (plus staff and other direct expenses) is too low. (please note what you recommend for the rental fee in the comment box.)



PYC should offer ‘programs’ to engage young people in topics about boating.



PYC should offer incentives to attract members from a wider demographic.



PYC should offer more off season events like meeting in a restaurant for dinner or cocktails, attending a play, concert or special event, etc.



Long-time members should be paired with new members to learn Club routines and what work needs to be done over the course of the season.



New members should be asked to participate in member dinners or other committees.



Total Respondents: 71


Showing 27 responses

  • New members should be encouraged to participate. Fridays and Saturdays should be open and available for those who want to enjoy the club on a weekend without having to attend a scheduled event. 
  • Get decent bands for club dinner/dances, not just DJ’s! Are we a boating club or just a social club? What about a sailing/boating program to engage younger people?
  • The General Attitude of the new member is not sociable and at time offensive. Often I feel like I am being treated as I am staff and not well respected staff. 
  • Rental fee could easily be $500
  • Off season events should be activities other than eating and drinking. Group tickets to events are available. Club rental fee can be increased to $500.
  • The income from the rental of the club is inconsequential vs the ability of all members to use the club. The number of days or evenings the club can be rented should be limited.
  • All member should have to pay for a few dinners that would be added to the yearly bill. with 5-6 months to make the pessary arrangement to attend 1,2 or 3 dinners with their partners
  • Raise fee to $400 to cover staff & other expenses.
  • I think a variety. Maybe more Fridays and not every Wed night. A mix of events. Informal is key to this club.
  • Club Rental $500
  • Wednesday night dinners are a traditional club event that is well attended but I agree there should be an effort made to schedule more weekend events as well.
  • The should be determined by size of event and the number of people who would be attending, but the price should never be lower than $250
  • Substantially increase initiation fee. Look at other clubs fees. Ours is ridiculously low
  • Neither Carolyn nor I are tempted by dances. She avoids pot luck because she never knows what to do. Perhaps if the pot luck was “structured” as to who brings what, etc. Wednesday night is a great night for us. Pairing with new members should not be necessary; isn’t that what the sponsors are for? I believe that the catchment area is already vast; I am incredulous that members drive from Concord. In addition, there is a 4 year waiting list; I don’t see the need for introducing additional incentives. Jim Rini.
  • PYC should get more friendly and involved with competitive sailing
  • What events get the most attendance? Younger members are the future of PYC. Their voices should have priority. Also, we are a yacht club. We should do more to promote that. Our reputation is as a social club.
  • 1 Formal opening night. Closing could be dressy casual(no shorts or jeans). Fee of $ 400. This is a yacht club boating should be the primary focus social events secondary.
  • There should be cruises that are 3 or 4 days in length. Gloucester, Portland, Scituate or even Boston. Tough for most to go to downeast Maine for 2 weeks
  • Don’t allow reserved tables on Wednesday night.. make it a “free for all “
  • What is the average age of the membership? Break it down between boaters and non-boaters/social members. Couples vs. single (widowed, divorced, etc…) PYC is known to be a club where “your parents go”. Try to attract a more diverse membership. Emails should be informative, happy and sad. For every death or medical emergency announcement email I suggest four positive emails showing families, smiles and positivity.
  • one dance, more cocktail type parties-“fund raiser” type?
  • $500
  • We should work to make all events come in, in the black. Easier said than done, I’m sure!
  • $350
  • PYC should not widen the demographic’s we should require all new members to OWN boats of a sizable vessel, not dinghys or canoes nor kayacks for membership. A true Yacht Club require a vessel of size to join. The requirement of owning a vessel keeps the club in the same mind set and improves the boating community.This is not a SOCIAL club it is a Yacht club.The club should not encourage non vessel owners.
  • Club rental $500 more appropriate
  • I think the potluck dinners are good but maybe not the very best. I think also that perhaps there should be fewer Wednesday night dinners. Perhaps every other week in high season.

Q4   Which events were your favorite? Please provide more information in the comments box  if there are events you would like to see removed from the social schedule?

Cocktail Parties (Cinco de Mayo, New Members, Past Commodore, Holiday)



Mezzanine Catering (Open & Close Dinners,  Jazz Evening, August Speaker Dinner)



Restaurant catered (Mexican, Chinese)



Free (Commodore’s Chowder, Potlucks (new member orientation, movie night, bingo, docks in & docks out)



Member Sponsored (Greek, 1/2 St. Patrick” Day, Staff Appreciation, July 4 BBQ, Turkey Dinner, Pulled Pork, Memorial Day & Labor Day Breakfasts)



Steward Dinners (Chicken, Pizza, Hot Dog Safari)



Lobster Bakes



Total Respondents: 92

  • LB highly overpriced.
  • Family orientated. Good way to introduce families to the club.
  • Pot luck
  • We are still both working full time and can’t make as many events as would like
  • Cinco de Mayo, omit New Members & include Past Com in Wed. Night dinner due to cost not covered.
  • I would love to see more cocktail parties. Please have more…any night of the week! Great way to socialize and spend time with friends without a sit down dinner. 
  • all others good as well
  • Sometimes you don’t attend depending on what foods are offered and your schedule
  • Kentucky Derby
  • Did not attend any.
  • Friday night events
  • Enjoy the breakfasts
  • I like most events but not potlucks. Freshen things up a little- less dances but cocktail type parties.
  • Sometimes the sponsored dinner food is not very good
  • Pot luck dinners are the best
  • Remember it is a Yacht club not a social club
  • The club needs to move toward more high quality catered events
  • Raft ups and Dinghy Safari’s would be fun
  • A sit down Dinner for the holiday party

Q5   Some new and possible revival events are listed below. Please check  those you would be interested in attending or hosting.  Know someone with a connection to make a suggestion a reality?  Add resources, contacts, and other ideas in the comments box.

Friday Night Events (Shucks, cocktail party, member dinners etc.)



Wine , cheese, and/or chocolate tasting (s)  



Chef prepared meals onsite (please cuisine & chef suggestions in comments box)



Dinghy Safari



Isle of Shoals Cruise (Shoals Lab, Thaxter garden, Star Island)



Gundalow, Heritage or Thomas Leighton Group Cruise



Singles Cocktail Party



Jazz Evening



Celebrity Chef with ‘gourmet menu’



Sports Themed Event 



Food Truck 



Casino Night

  • Wine and cheese—fund raising event. Live auction. Kids love the dinghy safari. Casino night–fund raiser 🙂
  • I would be willing to work on a wine tasting. Or even a Wine 101 tasting class. I teach wine tasting at UNH. Could also pair with a cheese shop or grocery to do the cheese thing. 
  • More events should be boating/sailing focused. We are a yacht club after all.
  • Pot luck or catered meal after Tuesday or Thursday night racing
  • Learn to cook night
  • Mezzanine catering
  • Possible but that has it’s own challenges
  • Have Jerry Goldfarb come back and do lunches 
  • I prefer to have the club fully available on Fridays — no planned event
  • Catered food from local restaurants
  • Let’s go to visit Wood Island

Q 6  Entertainment enhances our events.  Please check the entertainment you prefer and list any individuals or groups you recommend in the comment box.

DJ   ($800-$1200)





Live music ($400- $800)




Comedian (varies)




Speakers on maritime themes or other topics of local interest ($250 +)




Total Respondents: 85

  • No
  • If a cocktail party instead of dance, light background music. Check UNH for student musicians?
  • Terri Collins
  • Are the DJ and live music costs correct? It would seem that a DJ would be lower than live music


Q7  This past season, lunch was offered to members and their guests Wed.- Sat from 12-2 for a $8.00 donation.  Lunch was difficult to staff and member participation fluctuated.  Additionally, there are varied opinions about the ‘value and quality’ of the menu. Please tell us your opinion of this service

Don’t change anything! This is a valuable service for members.



I’m not in favor of the Club offering this kind of service because we can’t charge a fixed price.



Lunch choices and food were excellent.



Lunch choices and food did not meet expectations.



Lunch should be expanded Wednesday – Sunday & longer hours.



Lunch should be available only Thursday – Saturday





  • Food was inconsistent. Club should have someone who knows how to make what is ordered
  • Is really free lunch program for staff.
  • sometimes unsure if lunch available or not…brought lunch to cover our needs
  • No thought.
  • I did not attend the lunches.
  • Loved the lunch option this past season — came over often with guests.
  • A nice option, food not excellent and could be more generous 
  • We didn’t have an opportunity to come for lunch this past season
  • Because we are still working full time, we didn’t have the opportunity to get lunch this year.
  • Doesn’t look like lunches of any description would be sufficiently supported to make economic sense, but there’s many the time I wish the club had a normal lunch service. What a venue for guests and business lunches. I have no problem bringing our own lunch to the club when I want to entertain at midday and enjoy the venue.
  • I liked the lunches but Wed. & Sun. attendance was poor
  • Seems like a great thing although I never used it. If it is close to supporting itself, continue.
  • It’s easy enough to pick up a sandwich or salad and come to the club for lunch. Maybe pair with Henry’s market for an option and a discount for PYC members.
  • We really enjoyed the option to go to the club for lunch. The food was always good and it was a great way to enjoy the club during the day. We just wished they served lunch on Sunday. I’m not sure lunch needs to be served on Wednesdays.
  • Do we have any idea if the lunches were break even or profitable? I attended a few times and it was good
  • Should be cut back to busiest days
  • Continue the food service ..maybe a few nights as well.
  • Where can you get food for $8.00? It was a terrific convenience. I realize the struggle is how many will purchase the meals. No Sundays should be offered
  • Why even offer lunch, makes little to no sense
  • I thought Jerry and crew did a great job and I would continue this.
  • Should be higher fixed price.
  • lunch is a nice choice, do not need a big menu
  • Not sure hours need to be expanded but like idea of adding Wednesday.
  • We did not make use of the lunch service so are reluctant to comment.
  • Send out e mail reminders for lunch and the weekly fare
  • I didn’t know this was offered

Q 8   Volunteers are needed for the Chandlery Committee and the Flower Committee to help out  over the season.  If you wish to volunteer for one of these committees or to help out as available, please provide your contact information.

Sign me up for the Chandlery Committee. My information is in the comments box.



I am willing to help during the season with the Ship’s Store. My contact information is in the comments box.



Let me know when the Ship’s Store will be open and I will try to help.



Sign me up for the Flower Committee. My information is in the comments box.



I am willing to help during the season to water, prune, and generally keep our flowers beautiful. My information is in the comments box. 



Sorry, my schedule doesn’t allow me to be available.





Q 9   And…..Please add any other information you would like or your contact information if  you would like someone to contact you. Your opinion is valuable. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

  • Personally I like the Club to NOT have events on Friday or Saturday nights so that members can freely socialize with friends and family. Great idea to put this out. Nancy and David McArdle
  • Looking forward to another great season. Thanks for asking us to chime in!!
  • Thanks for doing up the survey
  • Why?
  • Thanks for a great job🙂
  • Survey only allowed you to check one box, but I wanted to check several on some questions
  • Thank you, survey was a great idea.
  • We have been members for 15+ years but rarely use the facilities or attend social events. Every year we pay our dues thinking we will get more involved. 90 percent of our lack of involvement is our fault BUT I think events that are geared to draw in members who do not actively use the club would be great. I like the casual Friday cocktail party idea. Not theme based or a need to sign up, just show up and meet people.
  • We would like to know if any of the moorings the club has for members will hold a 47 foot boat. We have asked this several times and have not received an answer
  • I love PYC as a YACHT club, and not so much an entertainment venue. But I wholly respect and support those who feel otherwise. Good times for all!
  • The club atmosphere is great, but the food has been mediocre most of the time. We are happy to pay for quality food, but if you are paying $20.00 or more for a poor meal, this something is wrong. We would prefer to go out to a restaurant of our choice, than paying $25.00 or more for a poor meal and small portions unless you return in line at the end, which seems odd
  • Allowing members to join without a decent sized vessel gets it to be a social club instead of a yacht club.
  • The membership is not dedicated to Yacht Club Functions.
  • Thanks for the survey
  • More boating events on the water- short (day trip) and nearby
  • Thank you