Member Changes and How to Sponsor a New Member

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How to Sponsor a New Member

To sponsor a new member, you must be a PYC member for at least two years and have known the applicant for at least 2 years. A member may act as a sponsor for only two applicants at a time and may not sponsor another applicant until at least one of the sponsored applicants becomes a member, is rejected for membership, or withdraws his/her application.  Applicants must have two sponsors.

Before submitting the application, you are required to bring your applicant as a guest to two regularly scheduled PYC social events, including, but not limited to, Dinners, Dances, Breakfasts, New Year’s Brunch, Spring Dinner Meeting, Opening Dinner Dance, Closing Dinner Dance, the Holiday Dinner Dance, Pre- and Post-Season Work Parties, or Docks-In or Docks-Out activities with the object of introducing them to as many Flag Officers, Directors, and members as is feasible.

After you and/or the co-sponsor have attended two events with the applicant, the application can be completed and sent to the secretary along with a check for $650 for the application fee. There are three sections on the application to complete: (1) the applicant completes his/her portion, (2) the sponsor completes a portion, and (3) the co-sponsor completes a portion.

The secretary will formally acknowledge the application to the applicant and the sponsors and will send the application to the Membership Committee. Notice of the application will be posted in the newsletter. Later, the Membership Committee will interview the applicant and both sponsors. After the interview, the applicant will be placed on the wait list.

While the applicant is waiting for a membership offer, either sponsor or another member can bring the applicant to the club as a guest at any time. The applicant will receive the club newsletter while on the wait list.

The secretary will notify the applicant and sponsors when a membership becomes available.

Your applicant will receive an invitation to attend the New Members Orientation in May, where he/she will be given a tour of the facilities, instructions about the kitchen, a badge, a copy of the Constitution and Bylaws, and a key to the club.

You will be requested to accompany the new member to the New Members Cocktail Party in June, where the new member will receive a hearty welcome in their honor.

To view and print the application form, click on this link:

Application for Membership 2-15-17