Ships Store

APRIL 2020:

Paulette Semprini has updated the process to get merchandise from the Ships Chandlery for this season.  There will be no new clothing, however, if you would like to order a specific piece of clothing, that can be done.  For example, several of you asked for black fleece jackets for this season.

Some new PYC items include engraved stemless wine glasses, printed cocktail napkins, a nylon cooler and more of the stainless wine tumblers (that we sold out of in early August last year). And, of course, new hats!

If there is something that you would like, please email Paulette at and we will do our best to get it for you.  Personal checks appreciated made out to PYC.


The Ships Chandlery will be bringing back the very popular denim shirts in all sizes. We have added some clothing items and will having stainless stemless wine tumblers, cocktail napkins with burgee, new hats, and some surprises. We are hoping to gain space on the main floor, perhaps part of the “table closet “ and make buying easier with a Square charge/ direct deposit to the bank. Belt orders may be given to Frieda with a 2 week turn around before the 4th.

If you have an idea, let me know and we can probably get it.
Again, volunteers are needed to help at Wed night dinners, ALL events and even a Saturday or Sunday around 5-7.

Thanks for your support and let’s all have a great season at PYC.

Paulette, Semprini |