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Slip Wait List as of 5-14-17

If you are on the Slip Wait List, Please check this list to make sure we have the correccontact information for you. To make changes to your contact information or be added to the Slip Wait List, please Mail Wes Smith.

Locker Wait list – No list at this time. If you would like a locker please Mail Wes Smith.




Below is some information about boat and slip sizes, taken from the House & Docks Rules. (Complete House & Docks Rules can be found here:  House & Docks Rules 2017).

H&D  Rules Section II -11d

Rated Lengths and Beams of slips are:
A 32′ 25′ none
B&C 32′ 25′ 10′ 6″
D&E 32′ 25′ 11′ 3″
F&G 32′ 25′ 8′ 1″
H&I 28′ 22′ 8′ 1″
J&K 28′ 22′ 9′ 10″
L 30′ 24′ 11′ 2″
M 40′ 32′ 12′ 2″
N 40′ 32′ 14′
O 40′ 32′ none
P 25′ 20′ none
Q-R 23′ 18′ 7′ 1″
S-T 23′ 18′ 7′ 3″
V-Y 23′ 19′ 8′ 6″

H&D Rules Section II – 11E: The length of a boat is based on the length from bowsprit or anchor platform to transom, rear of swim platform or aft most dimension of outdrive or outboard motor.  If the outboard is stowed in the up position, this becomes the aft most dimension.  Also see Fig. A below

Fig A







H&D Rules Section II – 11F:  The beam of a boat shall not extend into more than one-half of the double load slip space (see Fig. C below) with fenders extended on either side of the boat, and shall not render that slip unusable by another member’s boat presently assigned to the adjoining slip.  In no case may more than one-half of the usable double load slip space be used by each boat, except for grandfathered double load occupants due to previously approved beam widths; then Section II g.  below applies


Fig B and C








H&D Rules Section II – 11g: Whatever the grandfathered boat’s beam is over, then this must be subtracted from the boat beam that is also trying to occupy that double load slip.  Portsmouth Yacht Club’s formula  for figuring out acceptable beam widths for a double load slip, see Fig. C above is as follows:

Boat 1’s beam width + Boat 2’s beam width + minimum of 4 feet of Clearance = Double Load Slip Width

When the grandfathered boat is sold or leaves that slip,  then all boats must comply with Section II-11d. beam widths.